frame number of currently played action in action actuator

Is there a easy way to get the frame # from the action actuator?


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lol, I did not know that was hi-jacking, I thought I was on subject,
I was thinking about using frame # to stop, delay, advance etc

if Frame # = (Whatever) then Do (whatever)

If you look a the API for KX_GameObject, you will see that you can use:


thank you Klauser :slight_smile:

I found it after digging around for a while last night,
I have more use for using a property to advance the frame,
this is for a 30frame animation

if X=0---------------------/

if X =>1 while, X=<29-and----------------X=X+1
if X= 30-------------------and---------------X=0

if X!=0---------------------and--------------Action Frame number X

so I could add in delays, or have a property flag change which frame is played etc