"frame out of range" - changing the rendering interval in the middle of a script

hi all

im playing around with adding timeline markers using python (2.5.2) in blender (2.8) and im having an annoying problem. i want my script to be able to generate markers at arbitrary frame numbers, including frames outside the current rendering interval. since trying to add markers to frames outside this interval gives a “frame out of range” error, i tried the following approach:

  • extend the rendering interval (using the renderdata instance of the current scene) to include the frames where i want to place markers
  • place the markers

my problem is that the rendering interval doesn’t seem to get set until the script has stopped running. which is too late, obviously.

is there any way of changing the rendering interval on the fly in the middle of a script?

thanks in advance

i turned out that calling getTimeLine() after setting the rendering interval did the trick. case closed.