Frame Property Question

Hey everyone I know this is probably a common question, but I’m trying to use frameprops for several things in my game. I’m just a little confused as to how to go about using them. I’m using python by the way. So I want to make the player pull out a sword (and be unable to sheath it/pull it out again while the animation is playing) but also, I want to end the sword object when he sheaths it. Since the ending frame is 0 for sheathing, he can never pull the sword out because the game starts on 0 so the sword immediately ends when it spawns. I tried to do a while loop but it crashed the game. In the meantime I will mess around and see what I can come up with.

Ok thank you! But the thing is that same script handles a looot of other stuff concerning the player and what the player does/what happens to the player.

Why does it do all these things? Is there any reason to do complicate it that way?

Well I want the player to do several things in several states. And also, I figures it out using the frame property as well as checking if the item in the right hand is empty or not (if it is, the sword has either not been drawn, or the sheathing process has begun). It is getting a little messy unfortunately, but it works well :slight_smile: