Frame Rate clarification...

Just making sure about something. If I want the bullet physics to not behave in a slow-motion fashion but more like film 24fps, all I need to do is set the framerate in the world and render sections right?

What tripped me up is I’m reading Tony Mullen’s Bounce, Tumble and Splash and he’s talking about integrating a script to change the framerate.

Bullet don’t work in slow-motion, but gravity is set after one bu = 1 m - if That’s not Your modelling scale You have to adjust it.

BTW - Are You using the game-engine to record simulation for rendering? Then using the same frame-rate as the final animation will get it right. But if You go as low as 24 fps I recommend turning up physics sub-steps. An alternative would be to scale the final simulation data on the y axis but I have never done that so I don’t know how to do it or even for sure that it can be done.

Physics ticks and render framerate are timed independently even though they are both measured in FPS. You can set physics tick rate (FPS) in the Physics tab of the World settings. This is different from the FPS setting in the Render options. Default is 60fps so when played back this will appear to be slow motion if your render settings say 24fps.

LaH is right about turning up the substeps if you turn the tick rate down or you can get poor collisions.

The scaling can be done in the graph editor by selecting all the physics simulation curves, hitting S (to scale) then Y (to limit scaling to the y axis) and then typing in whatever 24/60 is (or whatever the ratio is between render fps and physics fps).

Sounds intriguing, thanks for clearing this up everybody.