Frame rate & footage length

Hi everyone.
I produced a footage in After Effects at 25 fps and brought it in Blender at 25 fps. It is 1.5 second shorter then the original???!!! I couldn’t find anything reasnoble on internet, mostly fps stands for First Person Shooter:) I want to create a digital double and using AVI footage on background image as reference but this footage length difference is really frustraiting. I made one test render and it is again quicker and shorter than an original footage. Please advise me what is the problem and what to do.

In the render panel under fps try changing the base to 1.002 with fps set to 25. That may do it, otherwise just mess with the base as depending on how long your video is the bigger the difference. I think there’s a bug in 2.49b and 2.5 due to the maths rounding the wrong way. I reported the bug a few months ago.

Also your stuff is 25 fps exactly?

The alternative, is an image sequence from AE, which in many ways is the better approach both importing and rendering out the final.

a frame is a frame is a frame. :slight_smile: Ignore the “artificial” length of seconds & change your timelines to view frames vs seconds. It’s in the “view” menu on the timeline (kb shortcut “T”) & the NLA/Action editor (shortcut “CTRL+T”).

Then you’d be all set!

I would disagree about frames are just frames since sertain amount of them is played over sertain time period. I made test render and it proved to be shorter than original footage, so it is not about ftames vs. seconds read in timeline.

Thanks guys for your messages:)
To Yellow: Yes my staff is 25 fps since i asigned so in AE. Changing the base didn’t help really. If I had to do something in sequencer it may help. What I did I rerendered whole staff as a PNG sequence and when I loaded it into BG image preview as a sequence - it was fine. So now I have areference to produce the animation. Before when I loaded my 25 fps AVI I notised it showed in BG movie properties that it is 61! fps. Well so far - so good


Good to hear, out of interest what codec did you use for your .avi initially, h264?

1000 frames @ 30fps = 1000 frames at 1fps. The second is the abstract measurement here, the frame isn’t.

I ended up doing image sequences for background sequences too. video files never worked as I would expect, the image sequence was easier to work with. Because… 1 frame in an image sequence = 1 frame in blender. With the video file it’s reading all the extra stuff (AR, frames per second, etc) & that just messes things up.

Dear all!
I should agree that frames are frames in Blender and when the video does cause a trouble frame sequence is the solution. Thanks for your participation.