Frame rate to show in avi

How do I make a playblast (rendered animation) done in Blenders Video Sequence Editor show a small square in the corner of the output AVI which contains the number of the current frame?
…would be very handy when using Blender to presequence animations for analysis in other programs.

Okay - I’ve found something at but I’m stuck on how to use it.

Okay, I got it now. Take the appropriate download (I’m 32 bit Linux, so use the .so file) from the above link and place it into my blender plugins directory.

Then load up my scene in the Video Sequence editor. I decided to use Mkey to make all visuals into a metastrip.

Select this meta strip and then use Add >> Effect >> Plugin… this leads to a window where I can browse to the file I downloaded and put into /plugins dir. This creates a new strip above my metastrip. Select this and kit Nkey to show options. Click framestamp button down on tis box to make the numbers show at rendertime and then animate/render the sequence to create a movie with the framecount now showing.