Frame Rate

hey fellas. How many polys should i use in BGE for a nice frame rate? i currently have some human wid about 350, 400 polys, but could use a bit more. How much can i use? also, do Logic Bricks, properties, applying real time physics, textures, or armature and animations effect the game?
lotta questions :smiley:

Realtime Lighting, Collision Faces, and Lots of Near sensors bog down the GE quite a bit. I haven
t experimented with the textures, but I need to do that. Overpopulating polys can bog it down too.

I rarely use realtime lighting or other processing-intensive graphics (such as GLSL) but it’s been my experience that logic/physics causes bigger slowdowns than graphics.

IMHO , the physics , if they were not established very cunningly , they will slow down the engine too much .