frame/time ratio

ok, I remember reading this question before, but after searching through tons of posts I couldn’t find the original question. So, is there someway I can increase the framerate in my picture without having to modify the time IPOs of every object in the scene? Sorry for the repeat question.

in the render buttons (F10) tweak the Fr/sec: button (lower right). this should affect the realtime-scene playback speed and the settings when saving to an avi/quicktime (but just a guess). you can also change the frame-rate in postproduction when you re-encode the animation. hope that was what you meant.


well, what I meant was suppose I have a 10 sec animation with 100 frames. to get to to 30 fps, I would have to adjust the fr/sec to 30, but the animation I want would end after 3.33 seconds then. if I wanted to have a 10 second animation @ 30 fps, then is there a way to do that without having to change a zillion time IPOs? Sorry for the bad wording of the initial question.

Read theeth’s post in this thread:

thanks :slight_smile: