framed navy knots (meant to be a 17th century oil)

It’s meant to be in ths spirit of an oil of the 17th century. Realism is important, but that’s not all that counts there.

I worked so long on this one, it’s insane. Probably, I will not be changing anything (not that the comments won’t be good, but you can only work so much on any given work, and this one was LOOONNNNGGGGG).

THE FLOWERS (bottom left) ARE NOT MINE (although I doctored the picture a bit). The postcard was not a postcard at first, the picture was not mine either, but it’s so doctored (and I don’t have the credits), that I can’t bother (after painting so much over it to transform it, adding trees… it’s not the same anymore).

The rest (models and all) is essentially my work.


wow very good!! :o :o :o

The lighting is awesome, the texturing is excellent and what can i say about the modelling!

Very well done on this!I love it! :smiley:

Gorgeous work arnaud0!

Only some minor crits, and Imean minor, cause this is very good.

  1. The glass on the frame seems to be lacking a reflection. Could use an env map.
  2. The tubes of paint, or what ever they are, to the right of the image are too uniform. If they are used, they should have dimples/deformations in the tubes.

Other than that, I love it. Great attention to detail.


Wow, thats really impresive man, awesome work!!! Nice attention to details as well, spot on!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

great work! absolutely fabulous, I would say :slight_smile:

A little criticism concerning the paint tubes though: they could use darker shadow beneath them, now it gives the feeling that they don’t have shadows at all.

An excellent piece of work! :slight_smile:

Very good attention to detail and the time and effort you put into this is apparent.

Excellent. Nice to see something that is an artistic composition. Love all the details. Like the knots too. Only suggestion is some texture on the knots to make them more rope like (but I understand as I’m working on that aspect myself on some knots I’m messing with). Keep up the good work.

wow! really like it. as others pointed out, the oil color tubes look weird… but I think that’s the only thing…


:o :o :o
Excellent image!

Not sure how I missed this. Just great.

Wow wow wow! :o
I’m not ever sure i want to kno how much time went into that.
but… WOW :slight_smile:

Very cool :o

no crits


wowee. :expressionless:

with a litte Post Processing here and there, maybe some weird effects, you could really transform it…

Outstanding… :o

Thanks guys! Sorry I don’t quote you nominally, but you’ll know when I address your point(s).

Of glass:
Actually I used the non broken part of the glass to put a self portait, and I felt that adding other env-map would distract from the intent (as I said, I draw on old ideas)… So it’s actually a prepared transparent material (non reflective) that carries its own little silly message), applied to the broken peace. Mind you, nobody realizes that the glass is supposed to be broken, so I can’t blame you (I had prints done 600 dpi from super large render, and then you can see what I mean). There are some debris on the floor (but I did not use yafray, as you can imagine), and I could not get them right anyhow. I know. So much to master…

Of lights shadows:
The lighting was tricky yet simple. There are only 2 lilghts (one to project the combined shadow of a telescope supposed to be before the stain-glass window) and the spot illuminating the scened. I have observed many times that adding more spots or lights has unrealistic consequences when the lighting was supposed to be from the sun, so I went for the very minimalistic lighting I could that would still be reasonable. On similarly complex scenes I have used up to 20 lights, but deep down, while it may trick the eye, it doesn’t muster a second examination (especially not at very high res).

Of Texturing the knots:
the truth is I have learned a couple of things since I had modeled the knots and associated material (as I said, this was a very long project). I agree, it could be much better, but the trick is to have a texture / bump map or whatever, that wraps itself in a believable fashion. Knots are contorted, by nature. So and even now, I don’t know that I can do it right, so I go for the simpler (no more no less believable) solution.

Of mice and men:
Read the book… :wink: Just kidding.

Thanks again, I’m glad to see that you like it.


Yes, great image. Nice to see not everybody uses yaf for rendering ;).
vosa . the

no words…
all thous small detailes, I think I’ll never have the paition to model and texture all of theme.
so a big :o to you [!]

I have to say that the compass is the peice that I like the most. I’m not sure if it’s the worn texture or the way you have it sitting at rest but it really caught my eyes.

Also I can only imagine the time it took you to create all of those knots in blender. I can barely remember how to do some of those with a real peice of rope anymore. Kudos!

Insane! :o :smiley: :wink:

Thanks for the positive comments. The time frame is in months… I don’t do that much at a given sitting, so…

Well, I modeled the material of the compass with CorellXara, now defunct, and known only as Xara (or maybe as XaraX… but I never upgrated since 96. I have no tie whatsoever w/ the Co., but I think it’s an affordable yet excellent vector software, and it does all that Gimp won’t do very well. Anyway, the material is a separate series of fractal layers.

To create the knot, well, yes, I spent lots of time on that too… But guess, what? Even after that, I would still need to practice w/ the real McCoy. :wink: