FrameForge Previz Studio:Previsualization tools for film makers

Frameforge Previz Studio is a award winning storyboard software that enables you to bring your artistic vision to life before a single frame of video is shot. It is best software for :

  1. Making Short movie/commercial
  2. School Projects
  3. Blog Content and infographics

Great. I’m all about promoting stuff, but how about a link?

Not just that, but how is this latest news? frameforge has been around for years.

Select the words “FrameForge Previz Studio,” right click, select “Search Google for…” in the context menu. Click the first hit in the results.

We don’t need no stinking links.

I use FrameForge as part of my job. It’s a good program, but the interface is visibly dated and rather clunky. I have been, however, seriously considering using my Blender skills to create my own custom actors and props to import into it.