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Hi All.
I’ve just released an Addon that generates assemblies in a click!
Through tool operator you can change dinamically all it’s parameters.
After that, all objects created are parametric because the addon creates meshes with modifiers.

I hope you’ll find useful.

Here a Demo video:

The addon also creates automatically materials for each element of the assembly.

You can choose to reuse them or not in next assemblies.

BlenderMarket Link

Gumroad Link

More info

I release example videos daily. Follow me on Twitter


Hi, I have purchased this addon yesterday on BlenderMarket and tested it a bit: it is greats and opens up a lot of possibilities!
I also appreciate very much that you have placed the tool on the ‘Add’ menu, very handy!
Thanks for your work!

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Thanks man. Great satisfaction hearing your feedback :slight_smile: