Framerate and Profile

I’m working on a game that requires a pretty good frame rate, probably like forty. I’ve already optimized a good bit of my code and logic, and got logic down to about 1.25% in B 2.48 (was about 20% in a different blender, so probably inaccurate). 80% of the work is going to overhead. what’s that? even with only a cube, glsl, i hit 85%…sooo, what is this? I realise this is not a measurement to be optimized necesarily, because it all adds up to 100, but i’d still like to know what it is :smiley:

overhead is entropy, it depends on the environment, weather, mars’ orbit momentum and the color of ton’s underwear

mars’ orbit momentum and the color of ton’s underwear
On a more serious note, most of us sees the overhead as all kind of thing inside a working computer that could affect performance, such as installed antivirus (working or deactivated), state of the registry (clean or messed up), fragmentation of the hard drive, connection to a net, if you are moving the mouse over buttons that change color, how long since last reboot,etc. But that are impossible to count since there are way too many variables.

thats why i’m calling it entropy

huh…seems kinda stupid to have in the GE thing if you can’t really optimize it…

and ton doesn’t wear undies, so jokes on you, funnyguy

hey man, calm down, i specified that overhead is the entropy of the whole system, the only way to REALLY optimize it is to develop with a completely uniform hardware and software (ie: consoles) and apply optimizations by hand on the program, supposing you know how the machine exactly works. whats exactly the software that is running and so on.

however such an unusually high percentage must be a problem with your computer/software configuration.