framerate improvements ? - RT city project


I begin a project about a large, real time, city (in a very short time, less than 9 days?? :eek:)

1 - I was wondering if there was a build at about a game engine frame rate improvement… ?
just like this one for the viewport :
but about the GE.
please note I work on XP, and I don’t have any time yet to learn how to build… sorry about that. I remember I tested an m$ optimized version of blender, but can’t find it for 2.49. maybe it’s useless now, it’s already optimized, I don’t know…

2 - the culling features and occluders look nice and very efficient. mist and shadows looks ok (25-30 fps) with 500 cube-like objs. on a P4 3ghz monocore Gforce7600. impressive progress :slight_smile:
so it seems I don’t need to code something about
’ add/remove objects when in/out of the camera frustrum’.
am I right ?

3 - I intend to code something about lod, at least 3 mesh versions for the same obj, with a high to low num of faces depending of the distance to the active camera. thus to gain frames and allow large view / aerian view.
is it still usefull ? I ask just in case…
is there a script example about that (a centralized script, rather than a per obj logic brick - too much obj) or something about an automatic brick appending based on the object name (I did that one, where is it…)

4 - some ideas to produce rain at low frame rate cost ? animated texture FX, 2D filter mixed with a few mesh animation ?

5 - A I for non playable guys (cars, pedestrian) please let me know if you have any trick or tuts under your pillow.

6- real time read/write file to append a new city area, save variables, while wandering in the city ?

thanks, any help really appreciated !

mmm ok I’ll look around :confused:

  1. Not sure. I think GE optimizations are in trunk (2.49b for latest).

  2. View frustrum culling works on whole objects based on their bounding box, I think.

  3. LOD still needs to be hand-coded. There are examples for per object LOD about, not sure about a global script.

  4. Overlay scene? 2d plane with semi-transparent videotexture?

  5. Check out the a* examples on the forum for pathfinding.

  6. You need to use the Python language (not Blender Python), I think. It’s fairly simple. Look for examples/tutorials on the main Python site for file read/write.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

5 - is a lot of work …

5 do you know about opensteer ? aothms did something nice about it for blender. I use it for the city engine as a plugin for car animations. maybe it could be used in the GE too. (example second vid) (all infos)