Framerate Issues

I have a low poly character with 925 verticies(it is a no collision). It has 11 small static ghost boxes parented to his arms and legs and torso and head for getting hit by bullets. He is rigged up and parented to a small box that is dynamic and it doesn’t touch the bullet detecting boxes. He has a tracking script (nearest enemy). I can shoot him and create blood particle systems. He has 2 animations so far. The testing level is a plane so no special things there. . .

My Computer can operate at 20-60 with him in a scene(20 looking at him and shooting him, 60 for looking away). I deleted the mesh and the framerate was about the same. I am planning to have around 10 of characters like him in a scene. . . What the crap can I do to quicken the frame rate?:confused:

Could in just be my crappy computer?

There is a plane in the way of the camera, so just delete in when you play it.


basic player.blend (727 KB)

Post the .blend

Might just be your computer, ran at a constant 60 on my work computer and its pretty crap. However there wasn’t anything tracking to the player so maybe some functionality isn’t coming accross?

Can I just say though the actions and animations are incredibly smooth, well done!

I also got a constant 60fps. The (enemy) character wasn’t tracking to anything or playing any actions, though. The shooting and blood particles were working great. There were no textures - that’s where my computer usually sees the most slowdown. Maybe, like Lambofreak suggested, you have some extra loop or error happening on your computer. BTW, I’m using Blender 2.63.0

Oh, whoops. The guy is your friend. :3 He tracks to the dummies. I forgot to pack the textures, but I don’t really think that’s needed.

I run into this all the time. So I think it is my computer; A 2005, windows XP, dual core, 2gb ram. . . It is crap. :\

Ah that makes more sense. I thought the dummies were supposed to track to you or something :stuck_out_tongue:

My work one isn’t much better. XP, dual core E8400 and 4gb of ram but it does have a dedicated video car (GeForce 8500GT). Is yours on dedicated graphics?

Nope. Which is probably why. Hopefully I can bear through laggy game testing and finish this game.

Haha yeah it’ll probably annoy you until you go and buy a new computer though. The game is very promising and the basic functionality is probably one of the best I’ve seen in a Blender game so far.

Kind of in reply to your other thread as well, have you considered learning Python scripting? It’d sure make the logic panel a hell of a lot easier to read for troubleshooting as well as the other obvious benefits.

I am learing python actually as we “speak”. The New Boston is great, but sadly it doesn’t work with Blender/game scripting, but I’ll get there

I’m still definitely a newbie myself, but since you’re obviously very competent with logic bricks I spose you could just start with using a script to trigger an actuator from a sensor, then just build up :slight_smile:

I did write a movement script a long time ago, with tutorial help of course, and it wasn’t all that bad. It seemed hard to customize

No doubt its daunting at first and as you say, hard to read/customize, but once you get the hang of it its good. Me on the other hand having taught myself to script by staying away from logic bricks (probably not the best way I know), now I look at the logic bricks in one of your files and it just confuses the hell out of me, whereas if I’m looking at a script I can read that a lot easier.

Haha. I hope to get to that point one day. :smiley:

Haha like I said, I’m still definitely a newbie and consider myself as still having much to learn :wink:

Also I’m bored at work so I went ahead with the blend file in your other thread and converted it to run of a single script.

I tried to make the script explain itself as much as possible so you can understand what its doing. Its the most basic kind, all it does is pretty much the same as an ‘and’ controller, but you have a lot more control than using logic bricks and lets face it, the logic panel is much cleaner :wink:

Pretty pointless but hopefully it helps you :slight_smile:

Test.blend (525 KB)

Whoa, that’s cool! :open_mouth: How’d you do that? That is a good tool to have up your sleeve. :wink:

Yeah it definitely simplifies your game. The next stage from that would be to define the movement speeds etc through the script, then you can run everything through 2 or 3 actuators total.

EDIT: I can explain the whole script to you lien by line if you like so you can mimic that in future…