Frames duplication for group instance


we can duplicate an object along a path as shown here:

But in my case, what I need to duplicate along a path is a group instance. Problem: in the “Duplication” panel, the option “Group” is selected in order to get a group instance.

Consequently, I can’t switch to the “Frames” option because then the group instance is gone. So, is there a way to do it despite?

(I know a different option is using the particle emitter to create duplicates, but it’s a bit more complicated so I first try to find a simpler approach.)


You could join Group into one object if that fits your scenario.
Next you could have used subdivided plane with Duplication set to Faces and parent Ctrl-P your group’s objects to this plane (select object(s), Shift select Plane and Ctrl-P - Parent Object. Wile Plane is visible in Object mode it wont be rendered.
And Particles as a most flexible and tedious of course…

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your suggestion. That’s how I did it in the meantime.