frames per second

Before creating an animation do we have to know where my final rendering will be used, say for a NTSC or PAL.
For example if i want to create an animation for 2 secs where a object moves from position a to position b.
For ntsc I have to add a keyframe for frame 1 at position a and a keyframe at position b for frame 60(ntsc frame rate is 30/sec)
Similarly if I want PAL, i have to add a keyframe for position a at frame 1 and a keyframe for position b at frame 50(pal frame rate is 25/sec)

Is there a way where i dont have to decide about my framerate before starting animation.


You can use a time IPO to do this.

Now that I’ve said that, let me say this: I’ve never done this myself, and I don’t actually know how to do it, but it’s been talked about before as the solution.

Try searching the forum/knowledge base for ‘time IPO’.

Or just wait for someone with more knowledge than me to reply.

Your animations keyframe don’t necesarely have to be each second.


Thank you guys for the replies.

A similar question has been asked in another thread.

We can map old frames to new frames under animation buttons.


What I do… quite simply… I decided a while back that since I live in a PAL area I’ll take that as a default… so I render at 25 frames a second (rather a bit nicer than ntsc when you need to calculate something too).

And keyframes/conversions & all that… leave it to your video editing program.

I thought PAL was 24 FPS?


DVD PAL = 25 frames a second.

Actually I double checked (you scared me there for a minute) but every default setting for PAL compatible formats in my video editor is 25 fps.

I think you’re thinking of Film, not tv/dvd/video. But I’m no expert.

Film is 24 FPS, PAL is 25 FPS, NTSC is 30 FPS.

You’re right, I was confusing PAL fps with Film fps.

NTSC: To be precise, NTSC is 29.97 (30000/1001).