Frames/pictures per second with image sequence output

I have an animation that is 48 frames. I want to export this animation as a sequence of images but I want it to be in the desired framerate that I set.

So, if I set it to to 4 frames per second when I export the images I want there to be only 12 images. This might also be known as pictures per second

Is there any way to do this?

I’m using blender 2.56 beta but can downgrade to 2.49 if needed

If I’m understanding you correctly: All you need to do is change the “Step” value in the Dimensions section of the Render properties. The default Step size is 1, which means “every frame.” Change that to 2 for every other frame, 5 for every fifth, etc. So if you want 48 frames to be 12 frames, set it to 4.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed!