Frames used in action constraints

I’ve created an animation used in an action constraint for a rig i am working on. Now i don’t want this to be played when i play the animation but only when i move the bone. I thought it had something to do with the “actions” you create in action editor but i found no way around this problem.
I also tried google but i am not sure what i should be searching for

To get this to work, you have to unlink the animation from the armature. Give this animation a meaningful name, use this name in the constraints. Now, this part is very important, in the action editor, by the action’s name box, click on the ‘F’ to assign a fake user to this data. Now click on the ‘X’ to unlink the action. You can now create a new action for your armature. If you click on the action name box, it should open up and show you a list of all actions, the action you just unlinked should have an ‘F’ by it’s name, indicating it has a fake user.

You see, actions that aren’t assigned to an object, won’t be saved when you save the file. This is why it’s important to assign a fake user, so the action will be saved even though it’s no longer linked to the armature.


thanks for the help. this solved the problem