-frames with particles

How can i make the particles start at a negative frame? For example, if you want rain to fall at full speed and touching the ground at frame 1.

Not sure about the negative frame since I could see how to correct, but you could just set your render panel to render from a frame higher than 1 and offset the end frame by the same number…?

If i have to i might but i already have a lot of other particles and animation going on so that would be a lot of work i think…

Type a negative value in the start value field. Works here (svn build)

I know in a previous blender you could start the particles at a negative number but i can not now. Pappy, where exactly is the start value field?

STA in Basic


Hmm… That is weird. I tried doing that but i wont work. I click on it and type in -50 but then it goes straight to 1…

What version of Blender / OS? I’m on latest SVN / ArchLinux so there may have been changes.

I can actually conform your problem on Blender 2.47 Official release on Windows XP. Unable to enter negative values for start field.

Yes, I confirm too. Negative values are not allowed in this field.

I also had the same problem, XP.

Oh :p. So am i just shit out of luck? Or is there another way to do this?

Try a graphicall build with recent SVN and see if it works there - could just be something with the windows XP offical build?

Not totally sure what you mean… If you could explain a little more that would be great. Thanks.

At http://www.graphicall.org they provide builds from the current SVN trunk. These are not official releases but most of these are pretty stable. It maybe that that issue is resolved there.

Same problem here, unable to enter a negative value in the Start field. (pulls hair out)