FrameStamp Plugin on Ubuntu 64bit doesnt work ?

Hey All,

Im animating and need to get the frame number in the corner of my rendering so its easier to give me critique online. However i tried imported the plugin on a strip of images when it said (on the channel holding the plugin) No float, upgrade plugin !

So i went here:

and tried the Linux 64bit shared, but got the same error. Is it possible to get it to work or should i just forget about it and live with out ?

I really really need it, as it is a kinda standard procedure to have frameNumbers in the corner of your animation.

Thanks !

frame stamping is built into blender 2.46, you could try rc3-4 see the stamp panel, its features are quite extensive. - stamp filename, sequence strip number, frame, time, marker etc, stamp text size background color with alpha etc.

Thanks for the reply, will have a look at it right away !