Framestamp (updated 8/29)

This is a simple sequence plugin that puts the current frame number in the bottom left corner of the image.

For some bizarre reason you can’t use jpeg as a rendering format, but from what I understand this is libjpeg’s problem and not mine.

anyway, here it is: source linux windows

I have a script idea (vobsub for Blender) long long ago:

  1. put the sub on the rendered image/movie
  2. or generation according to the render setting

qwe- the windows .dll is not working “Error in plugin” perhaps it got messed up when you uploaded it?


meh. probably just a bad compile. I’ll rebuild it when I get a chance.

dll fixed(I think), thanks to paprmh. 8)

ok, 0.2 is done. Basically it just puts zeros in unused decimal places.

Hi, I still haven’t tried it but I will soon. Anyway, the upurpose og this message is telling you that this was one of the features I request some time ago, so I think it’s great !
At that time I was thinking of a plugin that let you stamp, frame/timecode, filename, and other additional info, like version number, date, etc, in order to help organizing renders in a big production.
This work I normally do it in a video editor, but it woul dbe great (and easier) to do it directly from Blender.

Not only for final renders but OpenGL renders too ( I do a lot of OpenGL renderings till I got the animation right).

well, see you, I’ll write agai9n after trying your script.



unfortunately, timecoding renders is difficult since blender doesn’t used a fixed framerate. I might be able to add it, though, if the user supplied the frame rate in the plugin box. hmmm… :smiley:

anyway, I probably won’t have time to work on this for a bit, as winter term homework is starting to pile up. sorry.

paprmh has made some kickass changes to this thingie. check it out, I guarantee you’ll be impressed :slight_smile:

and for you windoze users:

here are the options buttons that you see if you hit the n key:
and here it is in action:
There are some issues with the image name stamping… the name field in the imbuf is empty if the image strip is a scene or if you have used another plugin before framestamp. Also, the the zbuf problem in the new builds effects the imbuf name too…but not as badly(look here for more info on the zbuf problem)

[Edit]: The compiled plugins (v.5a)in the links were compiled for the CVS builds with the new imbuf structure - 2.37 went back to the origional imbuf so use v.5 compiles

The input text is a max of 50 chars

you can stack several framestamps on top of each other if you want more than one line of input text or more than one color

The invert color option inverts the color of the pixel under the font- this is an experiment - may not be all that useful

linux compile:

Really cool stuff.
Why blender didn’t had that before. This is a core feature used in most studios now, no?
me will use it on my anim test for sure.

qwe, very cool that plugin of yours.

We are using it as an editing tool at the CGTalk BigFreeze FXWar challenge, and discovered a little bug on it.

When the time reaches 00:00:59:xx it goes back to 00:00:00:00 instead of going to 00:01:00: xx.

Keep up the good work man !!

BTW: Why isn’ t your plug in the official plugin repository? Much more people would benefic from it if it was listed on the official repository.

bug found, and quashed. :slight_smile:

linux compile:

don’t have the resources to make a windows build currently. paprmh, if you wouldn’t mind…? :slight_smile:

Thanks, that was fast !!

About the compilation, sorry man, mine is an all-linux shop, but perhaps Gabio could compile it, he is a well known Test Builder.

Is it just my imagination, or this version is actually faster than the previous one?

I aim to please :slight_smile:

dunno, I didn’t change anything aside from fixing that bug.

BTW, thank paprmh, not me, for the new font and all the cool features. It was a pretty wimpy plugin until he came along and fixed it up :slight_smile:

Well, it is definetively faster. Somehow fixing the bug lowered the resources consumption.

I’m using it to add counters to an already rendered animation. For a 50% NTSC frame, before it took a steady 8.8 MB of RAM per frame, now it is steady at 5.41 MB. Only change is the plugin version.

yeah, and you can thank me for the bug too… :wink:

Thanks for the bug fix qwe…(boy that was dumb…) I was camping this weekend and was too tired to look for it last night when we got home…

Apollux, I really don’t know how that fix would speed things up either- I just had divided by the wrong variable for the minutes display…
Here is the latest source(with version update):
anyway, here is a win .dll: