Framing Out

What does it mean when your game “Frames Out”? in my game, I advance scene from scene, but when i click the door to advance to the next scene my game freezes then advances and in the console it says “framed out: 418” or some other number. Is this due to poor organization? such as too many textures being loaded at once? I am using Vertex Paint for lighting and about 2-3 lights per scene, can that be whats slowing down my game? And for scripts I only have one script.

i think it means how many frames are dropped (ie: not rendered) because the computer is having trouble keeping up with the pace of the game. In general, this can be solved by better optimize the game (less logic, texture, geometry) or running it on a faster computer.

Yes, it means your game is to complex for your hardware. The Gameengine is not able to keep the required framerate. This message appears if the Gameengine drops more than 5 frames. It is to inform you that the gamespeed is slower than expected.

What you can do is:
-identify and remove performance killer as mpan3 said
-buy a faster hardware

From you description I assume you are loading a new scene when you click the door?
In this case it could be the loading time of the new scene. If it is large it will take long. Large means a lot of and big textures, many objects, mesh with large facecount, many keys etc… Everything will be loaded and converted from a .blend to the internal Gameengine format.This takes time. It might make sense to load a small loader scene before loading the big scene.