Frank and the terrible wereFish!

I just finished this image and decided to post it on Blender Artists because I like it a lot.

The image is about a fisherman who sailed too far from the coast and went into the scary pollute zone! After catching some fishes his fishing-rod have been destroied by a terrible wereFish, modified by the pollution…

Critiques are much appreciated!

It looks very nice, but the water could be a darker blue color.

btw, how did you do the water?

Thank you Axelh92.
I followed the instruction of this ( ) tutorial. Later I changed some settings also to get the material working in Yafaray.

LOL, That is cute, but the look on his face is more “umm, what the heck?” than “OMG I CAUGHT A MUTANT FISH. RUN AWWWAAAAYYYY!!!”

I like the facial expression

Thank you zhone and Avenger96…

You’re right Avenger, in fact the fish has unexpectedly blown up from the water before he could just realize the situation. He’s thinking “umm, what the heck?” for now, but in 1 second he will scream “OMG I CAUGHT A MUTANT FISH. RUN AWWWAAAAYYYY”…

Doesn’t look too polluted to me. :confused:

Looks like something I’ve caught before though. :slight_smile:

In fact is not so polluted for now… I’m trying to get it better… Thank you

Does the guy look a bit like Sherlok Holmes?


I like the idea, but I think it can use a bit more work.

The water is just a plane with a texture on it. It would look much better if the water had some turbulence in it from the boat moving and the fish jumping.

It looks like your sky is also just a background picture. You have some modeling skills, why not make a nice cartoon sky that matches the style of your scene, instead of having a cartoon cgi characters in front of a photo-realisitic sky.

I really like the colors you used though.

Only suggestion I might have would be to move the pollutant barrels back and more to the right so they are less hidden by the boat and the ship. You could also try discolouring the water around them a little maybe, for extra effect.

I really like the feel of the render, the boat is especially good but I think there are a few holes in the side that would sink it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this composition. Funny and good. However my first impression was the boat and the water…it looks like it is floating near the shore or in a very shallow water. I can feel the see floor to close to the water’s surface. May be the shadow? I guess the shadows are reflected from the floor rather than the water’s surface, unless it is an airplane where distances are really big…Just my opinion.:smiley:

Put some radioactive glowy green around the barrels and in some water and make deeper blue

looks great …i like it and ill rate it.