Frank Rat Private Investigator

edit: new image
this guy started out as a goat/cow thing and turned into a rat.
he’s supposed to be kinda toony, yet tough looking. he needs a cigar?
i’m not satisfied with his look yet. (his nose isn’t right)
i’m planning on tweaking the mesh more to make him more rat-ish. all comments appreciated.

small update, added a cigar and tweaked the face area some. the ears are bugging me. c&c please.

nice, if u made him a little hairy, do u think he’d look better or worse?

another update. i redid the top of the head to make ears more rat like
and generally pushed the face into a better shape. and to try and make him a little more evil looking.
so he looses the old hat for now (which was part of the same mesh as the body before)
click for larger

mrchairman08, i tried to do some particle fur but it turned out badly, so for now i’m just trying to make a soft looking material. i think it would look better with some fur if i could keep the nice shadows as well.

edit- here’s another angle:

i like that u changed the color of his claws, i was going to mention that.
the hind feet look kind of awkward. why do they stikc out to the right and than go down. it looks like he has 3 leg bones. maybe its just the way hes positioned write now… does he have a skeleton yet?

materials changes and a different angle. this one with AO, 1 spotlight with buffered shadows, and 1 lamp (no spec) as a fill.
click for bigger

i was lazy with the rear feet, they’re basically duplicates of the front feet. i decided to have him gripping a sphere or a cable and i lazily just turned the foot that way and made some adjustments. the feet definitely need some attention.

i haven’t done any rigging for this. when i was modelling i didn’t think about anything but getting the shapes i wanted, so it might be difficult to rig. especially since i don’t yet know enough to plan a mesh for animation. he is a fairly simple mesh, so maybe it would be easy to adapt?

edit - here are some wires:

Thats really good! Now give him a trench and a .357 magnum and he’ll be complete! :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks really cool, you might also move the eyes more towards the front of the head to give him more of a predator look.

Looking forward to updates!

edited the body mesh a bunch, rear legs beefed up, smaller front paws.
set up a couple of shape keys for his eyebrows. gave him a new hat.
and starting to figure out a scene to place him in. (but it will likely change)
click for bigger

does he look rat-ish enough? let me know what you think.

edit: hmmm, i just realised that my umbrella is way out of proportion with everything else.

roughs with background (added in photoshop)

comments and criticisms welcome.

I love it- I especially like the renders on the bullet, with the new ears. Also the first one in the above post. Don’t forget to colour his tail though!

another update. added a “bad guy”. getting closer to a complete scene.
although i like this camera view, i don’t think this will be the final view. i want to feature the main rat better than this view does.
and still to go, more rat body work and lots more texture work.

edit: i lost interest in working on this. that’s all.