I’m located in the US…This is one AWESOME program. This particular project is my way of putting blender through its paces, and learning the program throughly. I had originally designed this character from a sketch I did for the Daily Sketch Group over at Theme was “mutant dog”.

I noticed that one of the contests on this board has a theme of “Get plugged in”, and that the entries had to be animated. That will be interesting once I get the model done–(This program already beats HASH, the 3d program that I WAS using. WAAAAY better renders thus far.)

I still don’t quite like the eyes though…I might put these in instead…

All done on an old laptop that isn’t even a pentium class processor. Maybe a 486 if that. I find that amazing.

the little button by the render button that says OSA and has 5, 8, 11, and 16 under it - make sure it is enabled - your image has artifacts and teh edges aren’t smooth - also you may want to press set smooth in edit buttons!

Welcome to blender! dl the latest version and read some tuts before you get too involved so as not to have something you can never update in the future. :wink:

That tip did fix a bit of the nose, but I have the eyes done up wrong–which means they won’t be smooth just yet. They also need to be a bit buggier and bloodshot–right now the model is very cheerful-looking. I want to make it a bit more disturbing…ah well.

I have yet to tackle the infamous hair tutoral just yet–that’s what I plan to put in the ears instead of whats there now. I just coundn’t leave the ears bald. %|

I have much to learn about this program, I know…
future posts will be using smaller jpgs–
I had no idea that they woud post that large–honest.

but still no teeth…tackling the tufts o hair next

i finally get the “subdivide” button thing on the bongo tutorial…redoing the dog body…this time I will try to stay on my “spec”…the original dog sketch. :

and the new model so far----

at this rate…I may not get to the animation part until WAY past the “deadline”

I happen to be proud of these eyes…(even though they are not to spec)they were done in just 2 hours–and I still have no clue how, EXACTLY, the materials work in this program. ( I have to fiddle with them some more.)

I’l tackle the mouth next.

Set Smooth

Very organic, but set smooth is needed for realism

“set smooth”

:< how do you get rid of those creases? I built this with the extrude tool, so they shouldn’t be there. Yet there they are in the render…

TAB into editmode, A to select all, CTRL+N to recalc normals outside, ENTER to finish it all off.

that did the trick!

Overnight, I was trying to solve this problem. The “solutions”–unfortunately-- are quite a lot more labor intensive:

  1. rebuild the model


2)strategically place tufts of “hair” over the creases.

I was testing out the tufts o hair method when I checked back on this board.

The rebuild version of this model was not a complete success–the dog looked like it went through intensive surgery in the ER. By the time I gave up, I succeeded in moving the creases to the belly area, more or less.
Anyhow…the version i currently like: