Thought I’d start a WIP thread to keep myself from abandoning this project too fast

Plan is to do a portrait of frankenstein’s monster pulling at the stitches holding his head on

here’s where I’m at with the base mesh:

planning on sculpting soon


great style, man. so you are going to do a multi-res sculpt, i would assume?

Thanks Modron :slight_smile:
I was originally planning on a multi-res sculpt, but dyntopo is just too awesome to ignore

Looks very cool! (And now I don’t need to do it, as I could not get the big F done as fine as you do. :-))

thanks Blenderwelder :slight_smile:

I started playing around with expressions:

looking good Jeepster, keep it up!

Nice sculpt. I agree dynamic topo is cool. So many ideas I’d like to get to, but time is being a punk.

A nice one, I like this a lot. Are you planning on finishing it in funny, or rather grotesque style?

PS: Hmmm, so many people saying so many good things about that dynotopo… Will have to try it finally :slight_smile:

cherry: I’m planning on kind of a mixture between cartoonish and grotesque look

did some stitching:

also, sculpting hands isn’t fun at all - I had to redo the hand sculpt like 3 times before I got it looking right

Whoa, Great, and Awesome! :smiley:

very good work so far :slight_smile: i love facial expression. Very important which my character doesn’t have :frowning:

nice frankie :slight_smile: … i would suggest to retopo and then multires shrinkwrap, to sharpen up the sculpt, since it leans more to the cartoony, and there i think smooth clean surfaces would fit better…

Nice work so far! Loved the idea.

Cool design!

it looks really good