Frankie 3d printed

Hi Guys,

After watching ‘Big Bug Bunny’ after work, me and the team really felt like we had to build Frankie in real life. So, despite his evilness :), we decided to go for it and build him in 3D. Here are some pictures of the end result:
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Preparing this blender model for 3Dprint took quite some work, but it was all worth it. And he didn’t loose his evil looks ;). His tail was a little too hairy to be printed, so we used a colored texture instead.

We will be launching few contests here on some time next week, where we’ll give you a chance to 3Dprint your own model/design. Feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion.



Broken links, i wish i can view these :frowning:

Updated the links, everything should work fine now. Thanks.

Now that is really cool! Any plans to make more BBB characters? Maybe Bunny himself? Or any of the YoFrankie characters?

Yeah. That looks superb, mate! Well done. :slight_smile:

Wow, i love the 3d printed models, what is its size?

The size of a model is about 10 cm or ~4 in… Printing him in a bigger size would be a little too scary xD

Well, we are planning to launch several contests over here at blenderartists, and may be we could have a “YoFrankie competition?” Throw in some feedback on that and we’ll look into it :wink:

This is very nice.
There are little dents on the model that make it look hairy. Did you model these details or is it the natural side effect of the printing process? (They usually sand the printed models as far as I know, to clean the dents)
I would like to see a high-resolution model with all wrinkles and cracks printed that way someday.

How was the color done for this model? … painted or done during printing?

@kuklaput, @Cire

The high-resolution pictures are available here :wink:

about the technology, it really varies, it is possible to print in plastic, or in bronze… or stainless steel O_O.
But the one we used with Frankie, allowed us to print him in color, meaning that this is exactly how the model looked like once we got it out of the printer. We don’t normally sand with this tech in particular because of the material. I will post something in different technology next time :wink:

Where is this printing service? Can anyone print?

Well, we’re planning to launch BETA of our service next week exclusively for blenderartists forum. So, you will have an opportunity to preview what’s to come, and like I said before we will organize few contests for you guys :wink:

very realistic render ! hehe

Put me on a list or post here when the service is available, I’m interested.


Our first contest is ON, and our BETA website is online as well :D. I’ve posted a new thread over here with all information.

lol …the first pic reminds me of …FREEZE DONT MOVE …!!

now all we need to print of is some drugs in his hand, and some cops pointing guns at him.


it’d be easier to photoshop it ;)…

Thanks to everyone for commenting

you mean gimp it ;)…


LOL, u got me there, gimp it