"Frau im Mond" Rocket

Hello all! I am back alive into the 3D world after a long period of absence.

Here is a WIP inspired by “Frau im Mond” Reconstruction poster.

I have some doubts about the Background node used to map World with a sky map and lighting. It seems to me that the stars of the image map that I used are scaled too big.

Though, I am very happy with the result I obtained with the rocket. But any ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Latest version.


Older versions.



New version. Changes to material and side rockets mesh.

I’m not seeing your model image; just the poster reference.

Thanks for the information. I have troubles loading the image directly in to blenderartists and I’ve tried with a Pinterest link. Any advise?

Whatever you did worked because I can see both of them now. Thanks.

I wonder if there is a way to add in the glowing exhaust plume?

Thanks to you for the feedback.

Yes! Great idea! Maybe I could use particles or something like that. Do you mean something like this?

I am still playing with material and environment.

Finally I decided for a little less glossy version of the material and some bump map casually added that gives it a more steampunk look.