Fray Of Heros Pre Alpha (1.1) - Demos and Public Mulitplayer Testing

Hello Currently i am Creating an MMO Version similar game style to the commonly known series Sword Art Online.

You can visit my blog on the progress and updates and i will update this thread as frequent as possible.

current working aspects of the game:

  • Multiplayer
  • Animations
  • Bloom, Sun shafts and Shadows
  • Player to Player Chat

Things to implement:

  • Fully functional menu/GUI
  • Npc’s
  • world day to night cycles, (Will be introducing seasons in further updates)
  • Combat System (Concept pictures are within the blog)

an little demo video of the game play (Pre alpha Release 1.0) Release 1.1 will begin at 8pm 13th of Sep +12 GMT

Please Note: I am looking for coders in C# and Blender modelers, Texture’r, Story (), Website and database, server and network experienced person and any other relevant skills, thanks. will keep this posted :slight_smile:


If Anyone is Interested in Doing some Pre alpha testing for the multiplayer you are welcome to join in,

Another Multiplayer test

Another Update on the Code and animations.

Visit the Blog here -> for more information and a quick view of how it is set up. 720P

wow it looks so great! i like the dashing animation , it looks like dancing haha

thank you :), I’m going for the effect of mobility to kill creatures/ players in the game, the game is also fully melee no projectiles :slight_smile: