Freaky eye

Hi everyone. Yesterday had weird idea, to make an eye. Alone. On the wall or on the… cube. This is what i got after long evening. The cube is too smooth (subsurface edges…), but the whole thing is like “rendered imagination” :wink:

That is, freaky … and Awesome!

But you need to texture the Iris and make the thing more specular.

Agree… eyeball texture i’ve done in few seconds. Must play with it and material later


Found nice photo of Iris and made texture. Increased specular and ray-mirror values, but changes are not visible almost… This is another render:

c&c welcome


I really love the concept of this one! :slight_smile:

I prefer the very first version of the eye, though: I think that the actual iris detracts to the picture overall, perhaps because it’s too much colorful and, thus, disturbing… Perhaps the “pixar-like-eye-ball” will be more suited to such a scene (

Perhaps should you also add a regular lamp (with low to mid intensity) to give slight saturation to the colours… The skin tone should benefit from this, I guess, as well ad the scene, globally.


I concur. That iris is just a little tool realistic - It’s like a real eye added to an abstract scene, rather than an abstract seen with realism applied. If you get what I mean…

if you think about ti, this could be used in the WC “all alone”

When I saw it, I immediately thought about the square shape being, instead, an ear.

Ok :] I’ve rendered another render, modified scene a bit, textures. Had not enough time to make complete look of idea that i saw. Anyway, thanks joguy923 for suggestion - i posted final render to WC :] You can find it at the end:

[!] warning [!] I’m about getting anoying :wink: :
I still prefer the very first render! :slight_smile:

Emm… %| Tried pixar-like eyes tutorial. With blender internal renderi it’s ok, but with yafray… things go in other way that I like. Maybe nevermind, this work is like matrialised idea, even unfinished.
/me silently closes yet another unfinished-scene folder.

Not because of my comments, I hope: I really love this one and I’ll be disappointed with you close this WIP just because I couldn’t have been more constructive with my comments… :expressionless:

No no :wink: I really liked all of comments, they’re very valuable for project (especially those written by you, OlivS). But now it’s not the best time to work with blender… I have exams, work, and no time for weird projects of mine. But, someday I will open it again and make some better render. Happy blending :slight_smile: