Freaky Self-portrait


(Mr Lobo) #21

Hey, make your hair thicker

(FXR) #22

Great expression. Solid work. LIke a happy, prank loving Monk

(peterblender) #23

that’s gorges. can you make a tutorial? in youtube

(Valtteri Laine) #24

thank you! What part of the process would you like to know more about? I’ve received a few requests to do a tutorial but I’m not sure what exactly is it that most people would need a tutorial for

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #25

Great Work!!
This Super cool !! I loved beard hahaha :smiley:

(peterblender) #26

i’m a newbie soo most definitely an beginner level tutorial would be beneficial. :grinning:
i think i’m only a few weeks (less than 10) in blender sculpt. and got tired because i don’t know how to go on with it. i’ve been doing it in brush detail. i just don’t know what view should i sculpt in. i thought it’s better to do in ortho view. but there are people i read that perspective view is the way to go. but i get disoriented in perspective mode. like, my mesh looks alright at a certain distance but when i zoom in it looks awful. by the way, what size should the head model look like in relation to the blender plane? and how far should your view be when sculpting

(Valtteri Laine) #27

I see. I haven’t actually done a huge amount of sculpting in Blender, I think Zbrush is better but I can totally understand that it’s too expensive for a lot of artists. I would love to do everything inside Blender though and will do more sculpting in b2.8 in the future. The sculpting layout in b2.8 is quite nice, you can enable it from a tab at the top.
I tend to adjust the camera settings and/or switch between ortho and perspective when I sculpt to make sure I’m not fooled by the perspective. This is a common problem for beginners also in Zbrush. I will also often zoom out and spend some time looking at the model from all angles to make sure the shapes are nice.
It might be useful to watch some basic tutorials for best practices in Zbrush. The tools are essentially the same but there are a LOT more tutorials out there.
It can be frustrating to learn sculpting. just watch all the tutorials you can find. A lot of the stuff is not something you can ever figure out on your own… at least I couldn’t.
As long as you keep the model in a reasonable size, not insanely large or small it shouldn’t matter

(Aitor Pérez Alonso) #28

I love it, Great Job!!! @gorgoblus, Congratulations.

(Euv Oaht) #29

Whoa! The face of Jim Carey.

(Euv Oaht) #30

The beard, man, that’s a new level of professional.

I’m a rookie in Blender and I still have a long way to get there.