"Freccia" at Tobruk, 1940 (CR32 update)

I started texturing my CR32 “Freccia” (or “Chirri”), and decided to apply this rather striking Italian desert paintwork (160 Squadriglia da Assalto, 50º Stormo Regia Aeronautica, based at Tobruk in 1940, for military history freaks).


It still lacks realistic surroundings, a pilot and some minor details like radiator, seat, and so, but I’m working on that.

Please tell me what you think about it.


really nice! i love the leopard print design!

pimp plane!


Really good modelling & texture.

Only tip is to be careful with the air intake in the front, you see the empty inside of the model :slight_smile:

And if it is fliying a strong motion blur on the propeller !


pretty good start…

much dirtier

eeds panel lines, and fix the intake as mentioned…

really cannot stress dirt grime and chipped paint enough!

all airplanes have it, so models must too

The front air intake (or whatever that thing is) should have a metal grill in front of it, which I didn’t model yet. So seeing the innards of the plane there shouldn’t then be a problem. Now I have some questions about that and some hypotetical future animation (I won’t undertake it untill I make a pilot, it would look rather strange :wink: ). I posted the questions in the pertinent forum.
For now, I think it’s back to the dirtying board :slight_smile: .


Good job with the texturing on the fuselage. Your model reminded me of a pic I saw that highlighted the effectiveness of that particular camo scheme.


Not the same plane obviously, (BF 109 I believe) but it does show how hard it would be to see your plane from above.

Dammit! It worked in the preview window! :x

Try this, http://www.anycities.com/fullback/camouflage.htm

To be honest, I never saw the camouflage in action until now, and its effectiveness is striking… Sure those guys knew their trade :slight_smile: