Fred 3D Texture-Sketchbook

Hi, i am experimenting with procedural textures for a while and decided to post them in a sketchbook,
because it’s more like drawing and painting than creating a realistic material for pictures.
The first nine plates are done with voronoi / intensity and modolo between texture and diffuse.
It’s abstract, hope you like it nevertheless.

Very cool! This is a neat application for procedural textures. :slight_smile: I really like the bottom left one.

Thank you for appreciating ShadowCamero.
The nodes of your favorite are rather simple:

A plate with simple and another on with complex voronoi textures.

Again voronoi. The first plate is voronoi intensity, Nr. 1 mixed with noise, Nr. 9 mixed with magic.
The second plate is made with voronoi cells.

Some of these would work good as an art piece itself (something for the modern art junkies).

So far, the textures seem pretty random, perhaps try to make some textures that you might want to use for a scene next.

Hallo Ace Dragon, your collection of texture (cycles_nodes) is very helpfull for me, when i work fotorealistic.

In my sketchbook i try to use blender as a generator for ideas produced within the word of 3D. But sometimes they are usefull for natural textures. The following picture is made with six variations of a voronoi-texture and depicts a cushion star (inspired by an underwaterfoto).

And here a complex example to use voronoi textures.

You should try Substance Designer.

Hello thanks for the hint. I will try.

Still experimentating with voronoi and combined the new textures with metaballs.
Out came a sort of “surrealistic outerspace popart”


Examples combining two and more checker textures.
Some look complex, but all are slightly easy to construct.

these echinoderms are nice

Thanks for your acknowledgment, maritinius. Your sketchbook was and is a great inspiration for me.

At fist i found magix texture just crazy. With pure colours all nine variations look a bit psychedelic.
The displacement is with bump or colour ramp.

With smooth colours it produces pattern, which remind me on art nouveau.
Some of the form are achieved with math/round.