Fred Flinstone from Stone Age

I’ve remastered Fred Flinstone from Stone Age this time using Blender 3.2, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop!
Rendered in Cycles 10k samples
Reference from cartoon episode.



I like the way that you designed the eyes and mouth, and maybe part of the costume, to preserve the essential feel that Fred is a cartoon character. No matter how “three dimensional” you make Fred, I think it’s critical to keep “cartoon,” and of course these are the two most-critical elements in preserving that “feel.”

Nicely executed throughout. Excellent setting.


This is crazy good!

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mannnn that texture work is insane so sharp and detailed!

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thank you mate!

thank you:)

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Absolutely amazing!!! Your attention to detail and texturing work is incredible. Excellent job and with today’s animated 3D movies, it fits right in with others being produced.

However, I do agree with sundialsvc4… being from that generation and growing up watching those cartoons… it’s a little too real for me. IMO, for what it’s worth… I would remove the hair texture and the beard… maybe reduce some of the shadowing on the skin a bit. Maybe use a less realistic skin texture. Up close, and maybe I am seeing things… Fred looks like he has blackheads on his nose.

Anyway… you are an incredible artist!!! Excellent rendition!!! :+1:

Yabba dabba doo! :+1:

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