Fred the Fish

I am toying with the idea of making an F1 with a fish theme, and having it piloted by the brain waves of this fish.


Turn on some AA, and apply Add or both to test, you must give a mood to the scene.
Keep going the idea is cool and you can improve a lot, congrats…

well, I don’t want to get too tricky just yet, I may use some diffuse and spec ramps to make him more glowy, though, maybe a different shader too. keep in mind he will be mounted on a race car, which will probably be on a track or in a pit area, so he’ll be a fairly small part of the actual scene. Also, one I get the scene fleshed out, I’ll turn on some ray mirror on the fish bowl, which should look fairly cool. I have contemplated doing a caustic texture on the rocks too, but I probably won’t since it is such a small part of the scene.

Well at least your thinking out of the box…Ahemmm…might need to see more of this. Little lost on the concept but yea…go for it.