Freda -- first human (2/3rds of a flight pack)

EDIT: The nudity be vanished, yo.

No hands or feet yet in case it turns out I have to do something interestingly drastic to the topology.

EDIT: Check at the bottom of the page for updates

its very nice - great

Excellent, I can’t wait to see the next update.

Just a note: You didn’t show any hands yet, but, with my knowledge of anatomy (not saying I know a lot), with the olecranon (the elbow bone) facing backwards, the palms of the hands should be facing backwards too. In standard anatomical position, however, the palms are directed forward (and the olecranon downards) in order to have the two bones of the forearm aligned parallel to each other.

By the way, are the semicircles part of a rig? Can we have a screenshot of it? What is the horizontal line?

/ Mats

Actually, it’s hard to make out from there, but the arms are actually bent forward slightly, so the hand will just be pointing down. I modeled her in a neutral position to make it easier on the artistic side. I’ll probably manually change her stance into a t-pose before rigging/hands, which will fix up that problem.

The semi-circles aren’t part of a rig, though, they’re just measurements. The length from the shoulder to the bottom of the rib-cage for the upper arm, the same again for the lower arm. I took the lower semi-circle and rotated it forward, etc. to get things all lined up when her arm was bent forward. The line across was just to line up where I wanted things to be, the lines at her breasts, hips, knees and feet are part of the same head measuring system as the semi-circles, though they’re not quite on the eight-head system now, because she’s sort of a short girl. :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, I haven’t adjusted her leg proportions yet, but that’ll happen at some point.

So is there nothing, topology-wise, that you can see that looks wrong? If there is, I’d like to get rid of it NOW so that I don’t get completely fouled up half-way through rigging and have to start doing tragic things with edge loops and what-not

The only minor flaws I can see are the trapezius, which appear to be too bulky for a girl (not a topology issue), and the area behind the knee. The two heads of the gastrocnemius tuck inbetween and under the biceps femoris and semitendinosus coming down from the upper leg, creating a couple of dimples and a central bump. When the leg bends, the tendons attaching those two outside muscles to the lower leg are going to become really obvious, and I’m not sure you’ve got the geometry behind the knees to support that.

Very nice work. Life drawing classes? :wink:

Looks great Blak Boe,
My only cratic, and it is just my opinion, is that she has line backer, neck muscles, what are those the deltiods?, I dont know, but maby they should not be so steep, maybe shorten her neck just a tad, but then again, I have no teaching in anatomy.
Nice work!!!

Orinoco: The legs are a beggar, yes. I’ll have to work on them some more. Thanks for breaking it down, though. I know what everything is supposed to look like, and technically I know what each muscle looks like, too, but I have a hard time sorting things internally. I’ll probably work on them again this afternoon.

Question, though about life-drawing classes: Are you asking if I’ve taken them or if I’ve considered taking them?

You and Salvadore: I know about the trapezius. I did it for the reason that she will need to have powerful shoulders–I may bulk up her upper back a little–but I can tone it down if it looks blatantly unrealistic.


I may move the corners of the couple of c-loops up and down away from the knee if it turns out I don’t have enough slack to bend with.

I can only wish to model like that. Any tutorials, that you can suggest?

not really, I didn’t follow any tutorials myself, so I’d have no idea what resources to use, except for one totally awesome link Popski got me, which is this. It doesn’t tell you how to model anything, though, it only tells you the technique behind modeling, which is–to be perfectly frank–infinitely more useful.

EDIT: I am currently getting professional help. For her, not for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for not staying tuned here, somehow I failed to subscribe to this thread.

No, I think your topology is fine (but don’t claim to know a lot on it).

For a better explanation on what I meant with the olecranon, see this old post by Stahlberg at CGTalk.

For some good hints about topology for organic modelling, the post by Stahlberg on this CGTalk page (post 2201) is a great starter.

Good luck with your work, and please stay tuned
/ Mats

EDIT: Why did you remove the images from this thread? I’m sure they catch others interest to take part in the thread.

I understand what you meant about the olecranon. I put her in a t-pose like I said and it’s fixed now. :]

That process Steven Stahlberg described sounds much more organized than the one I was using, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I removed the images because they sucked and were old. At this stage, she is hugely changed, so there’s not much point in having the old ones up. I might put some up today or tomorrow.

My guess is that your work is informed by life drawing. So I was looking for confirmation or a surprising revelation. If you’ve developed your eye looking at Frank Frazetta paintings, you’ve got great spacial perception.

If you haven’t taken them, you don’t really need to. Truth is, though, if you haven’t taken life drawing, classes like that can move your work (anybody’s work) up to a higher level.

Nope, I haven’t taken life-drawing classes. I want to, though, sometime soon.
Started the clothes after heavy adjustments–thanks to the guidance of Fweeb.

The clothes are no-where near done, but it’s an update shot.

These are the best clothes I’ve seen done in Blender. Congratulation and keep working on them.

didn’t get much done today

:slight_smile: Can’t wait to see that finished.

Oooh, some good modelling there Blackboe, its going to be a real pain to rig i imagine.

The crease around the most upper part of the arm looks a bit strange, and maybe its just the style of the clothing but the shoulder area looks strange, almost as if the arms are coming out of the wrong place. I think its correct but from an asthetic perspective it looks a bit strange and doesn’t help the head which looks a little bit unisex.

Damn you. I tried sticking with the ‘displacement’ method of clothing for ages because of the akwardness to rig factor, but it limits what one can do quite severely. Now in a relatively short amount of time your character is coming along really well. Grr.

I’d suggest really getting into the mesh deform modifier for this as it will help you rigging the clothes heaps. I’ve been testing it out lately and I’m quite excited (in a super nerdy sort of way) about the rigging and possibly simulation possibilities. Or just wait until the new cloth is released/stable.

Good job!

the-animal, she has an inch or so of shoulder padding in the jacket, hopefully that’ll clear it up.

bendansie: yup, it would be suicide not to use it at this point. :stuck_out_tongue: