Frederico Martins - Sketchbook


trying to do a bunch of quick sculptures to get used to the brushes and how they work.
just some I did recently in order:

and a dumb update:

ZOOM in to the noso, mouth etc…

Awesome faces! Love em’!

thank you Miss Tiacht

I have been lazy but here is an update:

nice work frederico! Keep it up!

Thank you, I haven’t been here much sorry bout that :frowning:
I have an update on an old one, I added some more detail on b2.8 and rendered a clip, hope you like it!

I should have more fun… here is a new one:

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one more!!

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here is little mermaid, im trying to color this, but will probably not go too far! haha

And a color version

here is another one from the old face, still very wippy but trying it out.

and an update on the face, shading is so hard for me! so… bit by bit…

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new bw render of a really old model… back to old stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

a #drawthisinyourstyle at

this should be a loop, playing with the shading

quicky robot head

and a face

a loopy loop

made a viking character and added it to godot isometric demo scene!