Fred's Bike

This is my revised version of Fred’s Bike render (old here : ) Thanks to constructive suggestions by fellow blender users, corrected tire material, gave handle bars something to reflect ( one building and a road are in this scene too but they just get reflected by handle bars material and not be seen in the scene) bike body has some spec, better handle grips, that badge in front wasn’t supposed to inherit rotation for handle bar, corrected that and other noticeable urban details added.

Set in my previous “drunk man in alley” scene environment this is my first full outdoor scene in BI, took 4 Hrs in total. I thought I’d quickly try experimenting some world settings and try render a bike-cycle but then seeing this scene has potential I was like on fire so continued on to finish it. Didn’t follow any tutorial, I know enough of blender now to do things on my own.

Don’t steal!!! all rights reserved.

Credits for this scene:
*Fred for this great bike model, although I had to x mirror it manually, it’s awesome and to keep the bike’s colors similar to his render I tried my best
*all those guys who made the raw textures, sorry few weeks ago I had to format my drive and I lost few not-backed-up bookmarks so I don’t remember who made them.
*nofxkid on DA for his raw side walk texture
*my brain for doing all of this.

I love bicycles and ride them…

they make u feel free