Free 2D Wallpapers

Some 2D wallpapers I have made with Photoshop and Apophysis. You can find these at my site located in my signature.

Enjoy = )

thx! love the third and the last one :slight_smile:

Apophysis is 3D, isn’t it? It’s a 3D fractal generator, I think.

Nope, Apophysis is a 2D flame fractal generator. Here’s the official website = )

Note: Only the 4th image was made using Apophysis with post pro in Photoshop.

4 and 5 are nice.
5 looks like the outlines of some kind of chemical monster.
maybe you should try an animation with that.

Claws: Thanks = )

Vliegtuig: Chemical monster eh? Maybe an animation would be cool but i dont think it would be anything extravagant. Perhaps just like a big bang or somethin, i dunno. Thanks for the comment = )