Free 3D Apps

(emtilt) #1

Anyone know of any good 3d apps that are free? I lack the cash necessary to pay for all the commercial software, so for 3d i use freeware. I currently have Strata3Dbase and Blender. Any other suggestion for free 3d software?

(blengine) #2

hmmmm…nurbana, povray, and erm… hmmm… gmax is pretty ok… blender of course, kicks all their asses… :wink:

(youngbatcat) #3

:o YAWN wings, loq airou, teddy, lime…, magazine cd’s,
this is such a boring year for 3d, I miss game blender,n

3d is solw slow. Learn how to paint, you will have to anyhow. Textures :smiley:


(acasto) #4

there is a thread somewhere around here I started on free software that has a good list that you could use. Ahh. …ya… here it is:

have fun !!!

(Dittohead) #5

It’s under Linux

so I don’t know how good it is

it’s under active development though.

(overextrude) #6

Amapi 4.15 is free from the web site. It’s a fairly capable, commercial grade 3D app for modeling, rendering and animation.

(Dittohead) #7


found it @

This is sweet.


(dalexander) #8

There is a windows only program called openfx that used to be commerical. I read some where that it was called soft f/x. It has GPLed source code now. It has IKA , can load/export its own format as well as 3DS and DXF as well as skeleton information. Standard type windows interface. The developer community doesn’t seem to be to active on it. I had pulled down the source to look at it, to see about what it would take to make it cross-platform. It was built with Visual C++ with Microsoft non-ansi data types and seems to have a mix of OpenGL, D3D coding in it. Not a weekend project for quick conversion, IMHO.

You can find it at

(sushiking) #9

That looks nice! 8)