free 3d game school that teaches you how to make your own games


I have always wanted to start an online game school, and I have recently finished a game school that is designed for blender users. The idea is really simple, I teach a series of video lectures on blender, and gimp to create 3d models. I then teach the students how to use a really simple game engine that takes blender exported models and make a game out of it. 

 The school is completely free and all the video lectures are all posted online. You can check out the game department from this link.

If you are curious what kind of games you can make with the game engine, you can check out video demos here, everything you see are created using the free game engine and blender.

the website is

Here are some screen shots rendered from the game engine:

Interesting idea for a ‘school’, and I’m pretty sure Ive read some of your earlier posts on this in the past. :slight_smile:
either way’s registered on your forums there( got a bug report!). :wink: