Free 3D modellers?

Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio.

myStudio is a free/open source 3D Modelling, Rendering, Animation Studio & Movie Editor. myStudio was based on Art of Illusion project.

K-3D is a complete free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling, animation and rendering system.

Wings 3D is a open-source polygon mesh modeller inspired by Nendo from Nichimen/Izware.

Anim8tor Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program.

Are there any others? If yes, post here links, please. THX:D:D


  • Free lite game orientated version of 3DS MAX


  • Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system, used by US Military.

(Dare I say It…) Google SketchUp 6

  • 3D modeling software tool.

LightRay 3D

  • modelling, animating, rendering application

Truespace 3

  • [Registration for an unlock code is required]
    ModelMagic 3D

  • 3D modeling package used to create OpenGL scenes rendered in real-time (free for personal use only)


  • 3D modeling and animation tool [registration required for code]

There are loads of others like POVLAB, Breeze Designer, ZModeler, 3d creator, 3Delight etc. but, who needs them - we have blender :slight_smile:

Moonlight 3d

Silo 2 is in its beta stage. You can beta test it.


I know we have blender:confused:. I am sure it is most powerful free software for making 3D motion pictures on the net but software like k3D has promising architecture and maybe it is the feature… what do you thing?

K3D need some work to make it as out the box easy as blender. Blender only looks tough. K3D just is tough…

GameSpace Light

Blender –

gsculpt 3d procedural modeler. kinda like wings+has more features.
4d blue modeling, rendering, animation package.

rolandixor: I agree. And what is your pipeline?
I know, we all use blender, that’s why I post this thread on but I am interested in way how others solve problems and weak parts of blender
because blender is not perfect, like any other applications… and for example: blender has a good inbuilt ray-traycer but if you compare it wtih renderman renderers like PIXIE or AQSIS…:)…RenderMan rules.
That’s why I ask for others 3D modellers, because Blender doesnt’t feed my desire in way of Modeling…

WOW:ba::eek::spin::eyebrowlift:…gSculpt is excellent, I dont know about this little badboy:D…thanks a lot!!!

model: wings3d , uvmap: Ultimate Unwrap, tetxure: Gimp, Photoshop, Deep Paint3d, animate: Blender(allways latest) , render: Blender internal.

BTW, could perfectly do all with Blender, at this moment. Is practically a matter of habits.

You should check the gSculpt. I downloaded video tutorials and now I am totaly fascinated…

Looks like Moray will be open source sometime.

Yeah, but once you actually try the program, you quickly realize that it has got the worst user interface and workflow one could imagine :frowning:

to Julius: That’s maybe true but… so advanced mesh tools which I have seen only in special mesh plugins like Polyboost for 3DS Max, next gSculpt has construction history( I opened example file Model of a head and saw whole modeling process…WHOLE-every move of vertices, edges and faces, extrudes,mirrors, everything…only by pressing down arrow could see entire complex modeling procces and edit every step of modeling which reflect the result…Simply Cool, even Maya or 3DS Max hasn’t this), and many others…
It is like first time with Blender ===== Annyoing UI but with so many cool features and mainly it is for free!!!:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift: UI is only surface you must get use to it

you can customise gsculpts shortcuts with the shortcut editor and from there on you have fast modeling like in blender. actualy after this you never use the gui buttons.

i recently found another free modeler/animator called DAZ studios it not half as good as blender, but it does have a good poseing interface wich makes animating slightly better than blender
(for some users anyway) plus you can out put the animation in .Bvh and the model in .Obj format wich makes it quite compatable with blender. i have found it a nice add on to blender.
check it out at and let me know what you think

yes, gSculpt is really good, I am surprised that I have never before heard about him…:eek::smiley:

…and DAZ studio looks very complex with many ineresting features but I don’t have a reason to change animation software. Blender covers all my needs in animation field (timeline, ipo curves, non-linear animation editor, action editor, armature system, shape keys, and others…) nevertheless few things I really miss in Blender:

  1. Muscle system ( not even any plugin on the net for this)
  2. Better Modeling tools and interface (gSculpt is from now my choice no. 1)
  3. RenderMan support
  4. Creating custom tools (like Digital Assets in Houdini)
  5. Better Fur control system
    I know I am greedy but thats my opinion what is missing in blender and with these features I named, blender could be professional choice of many studios and artists.
    And what do you thing about DAZ and Blender?

I’m not sure about DAZ studio. The only cool thing about DAZ is that they provided a free version of Bryce 3D.

But I’m wondering: why are so many people using a separate modeling-software (subdivision-modeler)? I’ve used Wings 3D for some time but I found that Blender is doing very well in subdivision-modeling.

I’ve just downloaded the trial-version of “Silo” but I found that Wings 3D will do it in comparison to Silo.

So, are those special-designed subdivision-controls (the editing-feeling like shortcuts, movement etc.) the things you’re missing in Blender? Or are there even better/more features, a pure subdiv-modeler can provide?

…ah I forgot: I’ve tried gScuplt right now and the “history” is awesome indeed! This is definitly a feature, which should be included in all 3D-applications. At home, I will try out “Moonlight 3D” - I think it also has such a history.