Free 3d modelling software for Android devices?

What are the free 3d modelling apps for Android devices that are easy to use and with .obj export capabillity?

A friend recomended me Space Draw but I’m still figuring out how to model a cube.

These apps will be very useful as you can model stuffs while sitting at the toilet or on a bus.

you could run a virtual machine with another OS inside it, this might allow for a program that won’t run on android to be used on the device. it’s kind of like android being a big outer foundation of a skyscraper with a normal android program being something hyung off the beams, what you would be doing with a virtual machine is hanging something big (another OS) off the android skyscraper then putting your 3d modelling application inside this big hanging box. have never tried it so you’d have to look into it and it might be rather tricky to set up.