Free 3D models copyright law?

Ive seen alot websites that host free 3D objects, I plan to make 3D office spaces for company’s that are going to be paying me. the finnished porjects will contain about 80% free 3D objects from these websites, If im getting paid using these free objects what copyright law does that fall under?

Free model does not mean public domain. Each site should have information about how the content can be used. Some may be for non-commercial use only. Some may require attribution. Most will have restrictions on redistribution.

Good thing I got clarification before doing any work. How about for presentation on a portfolio? no money is being made, just showcasing my lighting and rendering skills.

You might be allowed to use them for any purpose. Just read the rights that are granted on the site.

For a portfolio, of course, it is important to make clear what portion is your own work.