free 3d models materials and textures

here’s a new site where you can find free 3d models…

Cool! I’ll definitely check it out.

I think this falls into the category of possibly useful spam. Most of the meshes are 3ds or max9, and most of them are for sale.

No .blend files.

I was going to say that i seen most of the models on there on Turbosquid, but i wasn’t sure

Someof the formats will work and others wont, not all the file types can be imported into blender (most can).

@Orinoco, if its useful then its not spam, there’s no such thing as useful spam.

  1. 90% of models are free, 10% are paid
  2. this is no spam
  3. most models are in 3ds and obj formats
  4. posible in the future will be blender models


here are som other nice FREE textures:

In my book, spam is unsolicited advertising, useful or not.

Spam is sometimes annoying