free 3d models

Hi everyone, i hope this is the right category to post this, if not please sorry …

I’ve made some free models(some models are since i just started to learn blender) you can use it in any way you wont :slight_smile:

some of my artwork

pS: I know I’m just a novice :smiley:

is not allowed to post here ?

@Atom, Is that a site that you are involved with running? if so I thought I’d let you know that I can’t get to it, I’ve got a screen cap of the errors if you’re interested.

@iulyan25, generally an announcement such as the one your making should be put in the “News & Discussion” section of this forum. The support section is more for questions and tutorials.
I checked out your site though, and it looks great. On just the models visible from the first page I can see that you are learning quickly, keep on blending!

@atemporalskill: I’m not involved with it. It shows up fine from location of Ohio.

are theses free model with free license?

and is it possible to select only the model for blender or other soft and how ?


you can use it how ever you wont, as long as you don’t say that you did the model, so please give me some credit for my artwork

…you can use how ever you wish, and yes are free models

pS: i will make and other models :slight_smile:

sorry again, an admin can’t move this to the right section, and delete the other post as well ?

if the site have an administration section, i guess is easy to just move this to the right section :D(I’m a programmer, so excuse my way of thinking )

I posted this in another category, and I think(now) that it wasn’t too good, so… what should I do now ?..I really don’t know

Thank you for comments :D, i have a question, but i think I will put it to the right section this time :smiley:

I think it would be great if you give some feedback or comments to know what I’m not doing good(for example number of vertex …i think is to high)… the comments very are welcome and here :slight_smile: