Free 3d paint texturer program?

(Riskbreaker) #1

Is there any out there that is freeware?

You know those programs you can paint textures on directly (Zbrush, deep paint 3d, etc). I know blender has Vpaint but thats not exactly great texturing.


(SatoriGFX) #2

I know of two.

Graffiti - only supports RAW .dxf files, so you would have to export to .dxf and convert to RAW .dxf (or at least remove some lines from the beginning of the .dxf).

Kendra - Have not tried it. Requires that your model be in .rib format (renderman).

Frankly, without true Blender support with UV mapping I am not sure how useful either would be. And neither has anywhere near the quality of brushes os something like Deep Paint 3D for example.

You might try creating your model, applying a UV texture to it (use a blank white image of the desired resolution) and then painting guidlines on your model using Blender’s built in painting tools. So, if it’s a face you are texturing, you can outline the eyes, mouth etc… Save the texture map. Import that image into your favorite paint application and paint your texture using the guidelines as a reference. Requires some trial and error but might work for you.


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