Free 3D renders

Hello, I’m offering Free 3d renders for your needs!
I don’t do characters. You can ask me for Rooms
Objects etc. My response May vary depending on your need(s).
Have a nice day.

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i just want to say how this would be cool as a blog to follow. Someone offers to make things for others and then puts what things they have helped others with in their blog. that’s all, just could see that as a neat thing to follow. I appreciate your helping others.

it’s a shame that no one even commented on this asking for help :confused:

hm yeah, i think it’s a great offer, very kind of you. idk why no one asked for anything either?
sometimes when i feel like i have some time I will just go look for a volunteer project that sounds interesting and ask if there is anything I can do for them? So that is an idea too.

Maybe join a game development, or just for fun the WC Challenge #927 "Suzanne, Fuchsia, and the Default Cube" (26/03/21) Entries OPEN - #31 by Helge

I guess most want to learn and have fun themselves with the creation process.

I already joined this one and it is really fun.

While it might sound like a nice gesture, it does assume that you have a lot of hardware power and time to spare in the case you get a long lineup of scenes (because you will be obligated to get finished results to the people who are technically now your clients).

With some renderfarm services being very cheap nowadays, your only advertising point really is helping people save a buck or two (for most jobs). Even then you mention restrictions on content genre.

Well, i will gladly do it for people if it’s not too hardware intensive to do…