[free addon] Meshstats 1.0 - Polygon counts, n-gons & poles

Meshstats is a Blender addon that provides mesh statistics.

  • Display counts for tris, quads & ngons.
  • Display counts for e-poles (vertices with 5 edges), n-poles (vertices with 3
    edges) and *-poles (vertices with 6 or more edges - fan center).
  • Set a polygon budget for mesh objects and display how much of it is
  • Display quads & tris as an overlay. (in object mode)
  • Display e-poles, n-poles & *-poles as an overlay. (in object mode)

You need Blender 2.91 for version 1.0. If you are using an earlier version of Blender (>2.80 & <=2.90) you can download version 0.3

Download the addon here.


Is it possible to see vertex cost and also total cost including things like hard edge splits / uv island splits?

I have a tool like this in 3ds max, with features above, but would be great to have in blender as well.

Thank you :pray:

Hi @Kickflipkid687,

I think both are possible. But since it would also mean a bit of performance cost (need to add at least one more loop) I would like to know the rationale before adding this. Do customers/studios set limits for vertices/edges for example?

It can help display the ‘true’ cost of an asset. An asset with 5000 triangles or one with 5000 triangles and edge splits on every edge will perform very differently, as every edge split essentially adds a vertex.
Check this article: www.ericchadwick.com/examples/provost/byf2.html

Now, raw vertex count is rarely every still the biggest bottleneck, but it’s very useful to know anyway!

If it slows things down, could you have it be an optional toggle?

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Thanks @Michael_Knubben, I will check out the article.

BTW built-in statistics overlay display the correct vertex count. I just checked, it also reflects edge splits properly.

My initial idea was to distinguish tris, quads & ngons, in built-in statistics each one is a face. If possible I would like to not duplicate what’s available in vanilla Blender.

I would still like to hear if anyone got requirements with a vertex budget in it though?

Another question I have; how often do you check for tris/ngons/poles/budget utilization? Would it be counterproductive if you needed to press a button to update stats?

It doesn’t, right now. ‘Edge Split’ is a broader concept than just ‘these edges aren’t connected’. Wherever you add a hard edge (or just enable ‘Auto Smooth’) it adds to the raw vertex count but it’s not changed in the Statistics.

Pressing a button might be okay, but I’d mostly like to be able to set a budget and have it go red once it goes over. Not that I still do a lot of modeling that has such strict polygon budgets, mind, but some people do!

Cool. Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding manual update of stats; I think I will keep it auto-update but require user to manually enable meshstats on a mesh. That way one can keep the addon enabled without impacting projects where polygon counting is not too important.

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I have just released version 1.1 of meshstats.

You can find the changes in CHANGELOG.

As usual your feedback is welcome.