[Free addons] Node-based RenderStack.alpha version

Design Target

Provide users with node-based, flexible rendering output methods


version 0.5 alpha

Intro video[Chinese] https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1wr4y1c7Tt/

  • Camera overide
  • Render Engine overide (Workbench,Eevee,Cycles)
  • Output Setting overide (Frame Range,Resulotion,path(format file name support),image settings)
  • View overide settings

How it works

  • Render List Node is a render task list for what you need to render.It also provide the ‘Render’ button and the ‘View’ button.You can render your task through this node. Now you are only able to render one renderlist at once

  • Task Node You need a task node to countains all the settings you need to change(compare to the current settings)

  • Camera Node have the ability to change the camera

  • file path Node give an format name of the render files

  • Eevee Setting Node means that in this task you will render with the eevee engine

  • Frame Range Node control the frame you want to render

Once you plug a node settings to overide something into the a task,the next task will inherit it if there is not a same type Node plug input. So you may start a new render list to keep your node tree cleaner


Github: https://github.com/atticus-lv/RenderStackNode
It is alpha version now, still WIP(nodes may change later), but it can be use to render or test now
(the render operator works well in my addon ‘Smart Scene Manager’,there is a list based, a finish version of renderstack, too)


That looks interesting. I would like to have this for LuxCoreRender with the support of AOV’s (also for Cycles and EEVEE).

yes,it’s in my plan.also for octane(maybe redshift).Now I am thinking about a more common way to achieve different setting